Shadowhaunt Mausoleum

Shadowhaunt mausoleum

The Shadowhaunt Mausoleum is the final resting place for a line of local warlords called the Iordanescu Dynasty. Though forgotten by most the common folk of the area, the Iordanescu were the rulers and protectors of Verge before the coming of the Thaytians.

It was them who founded Verge and brought relative peace and prosperity to this area. Their dynasty ended with the tragic death of the last Iordanescu warlords during the violent early years of the Thaythian colonization, circa AC 900, which the Iordanescu resisted bravely.

The Iordanescu revered the noble traladaran immortal Zirchev, the Wild Huntsman. Some stories claim Zirchev and Halav entrusted these warlords to guard over a secret, not only during their lives, but forevermore.

Shadowhaunt Mausoleum

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