Estudante de filosofia em vida, humilde e sábio, Omen tem estranhas habilidades prescientes.


Personality Traits: Calm, overly generous and understanding. Ponderous. Unusually social and warm for a Githzerai, but an ascetic, nonetheless

Mannerisms and Appearance: Stern, but with a gentle smile, usually curious and contemplative, as indicated by a raised eyebrow every now and then, and a vegetarian who also fasts regularly and follows other taboos religiously, like speaking softly after sunset or always sleeping facing (the eventual) sunrise.

Sessions and Campaign Notes: Targeted by the mysterious curse that vied for him and three others, although, because of his oracular abilities, he managed to avoid this destiny momentarily. Alas, fate always finds a way, so he was killed by his best friend Lotus instead. Reborn as a Githzerai in Shadowfell.


Halfway Through the Final Curtain doublecampaignplayers