Tímido em vida, o estudioso garoto foi agraciado com poderes arcanos em Shadowfell.


Personality Traits: Flamboyant, arrogant, self-absorbed, obnoxious, hungry for and intoxicated by arcane power. Almost incapable of subtlety (as in he’d always choose a hammer to splat a fly, preferably a +38 holy avenger vorpal hammer of deadliness, if available).

Mannerisms and Appearance: Perfectly poised, elegant to a fault, alternates between keeping it cool and delving into egotrips of cosmic proportions.

Sessions and Campign Notes: Killed by a mysterious curse that manifested to him through a reflection of some sort (his memory is hazy on the exact details of the event). Former scholar with a thorough admiration for magic, but frustrated because he was incapable of mastering it, Eidos was reborn on Shadowfell as an Eladrin heavily infused with arcane power. He embraced his newfound talents with gusto and started to delve into it with a passion not present in his former life.


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