Personality Traits: Unlike most Shadar-kai, Caronte rarely overplays his emotions or even gives in to them. Except when the subject are undead. He pities the mindless unliving and hates their masters and anyone who chooses the path of undeath with a passion. Normally soft-spoken and centered, beneath a cold and jaded persona lies a caring and gentle heavily repressed core. Caronte is somewhat atypical among the avengers as well, since he doesn’t mention often his devotion to the Raven Queen, the new and mysterious goddess of death and creator of his people.

Mannerisms and Appearance: Stern, practical and overly serious, the shadar-kai’s body reflects the wounds and weariness of his battered soul. His no-bullshit attitude leaves little space for grooming preoccupations and other aestethic shanenigans. Caronte has a characteristic grunt, kind of an annoyed “hmpf!”, given as his only reaction to whatever he considers a foolish idea or argument. The avenger rarely relaxes and rarely stares at anyone for too long, ever vigilant of his surrounding and always looking far away, scanning wherever he’s at for threats.

Sessions and Campaign Notes: He knows the only thing saving him from the fatal and pervasive gloomy melancholy of the Shadowfell is his hatred of the unliving, so Caronte left his native city and embarked on a one-man hunt for the undead. Investigating a cesspool of decay, a ruined reflection of a cemetery from a long-forgotten prime world, the Shadar-kai was imprisoned by Helvec, a devil-worshipping elven warlock. Saved by the party, he doesn’t know what to think of their hybrid state and decides to follow them and guide them in Shadowfell, watching and judging their actions and goals along the way.


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